Shifter Click Noise, Shifter Boot Appears Tight or Bulge in the Shifter Boot – 2018-2019 Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon

Bulletin No.: PIP5595
Published date: 10/2/2018

Preliminary Information

PIP5595 Shifter click noise, shifter boot appears tight or bulge in the shifter boot


Brand: Model: Model Years: VIN: Engine: Transmissions:
from to
Chevrolet Colorado 2018 – 2019 All All All N8D
GMC Canyon 2018 – 2019 All All All N8D


Involved Region or Country North America
Condition Click noise from the shifter area or customer complaints of the shifter boot is tight or has a bulge in it.
Cause Transmission isolator boot is not fully seated



Some customers have commented on a click noise when shifting or that the leather boot covering the shifter assembly is pulled tight in some gears and or may be bulging out near the bottom of the knob. If the isolator (1) below is not in the correct orientation or fully pushed down and seated in the correct position any one of the before mentioned complaints could be noted.

Remove the shifter boot and push the isolator down into the correct position and reinstall the boot. There is no reason to replace the boot.

isolator (1)


Warranty Information

Labor Operation Description Labor Time
8440200 Transmission Control Lever Boot Replacement Use Published Labor Time


Version History

Version 1
Modified 10/02/2018 – Created on

Bulletin No.: PIP5595
Published date: 10/2/2018

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