10L90 10L80 10 Speed Automatic Transmission Restriction – 2017-2019 Cadillac Chevrolet GMC

Bulletin No.: PIP5477G
Published date: 08/21/2018

Preliminary Information

PIP5477G 10L90 10L80 10 Speed Automatic Transmission Restriction


Brand: Model: Model Years: VIN: Engine: Transmissions:
from to
Cadillac Escalade Models 2018 – 2019 All All L86 MF6
Chevrolet Camaro 2017 – 2019 All All LT4 MGL
Chevrolet Camaro 2019 All All LT1 MF6
Chevrolet Silverado 2019 All All L87 MQB 4WD Only
Chevrolet Suburban RST 2019 All All L86 MF6
Chevrolet Tahoe RST 2018 – 2019 All All L86 MF6
GMC Sierra 2019 All All L87 MQB 4WD Only
GMC Yukon Denali Models 2018 – 2019 All All L86 MF6


Involved Region or Country North America
Condition Transmission Assembly
Cause Restriction


Condition / Concern

The 10L90 and 10L80 10 Speed Automatic Transmissions are on restriction through GM PQC as part of our ongoing quality improvement efforts to assist Engineering with product concern identification effective on 07/20/18.

Your cooperation with this program is greatly appreciated.

If diagnosis has led to replacement of the transmission assembly please contact the Product Quality Center (PQC) @ 866-654-7654 to discuss the information/diagnostics that led to the replacement of the transmission assembly.

Note: (Do Not clear any DTCs prior to contacting the PQC).

Components that may be removed and serviced without exchange are identified by an “X” in the appropriate column of the table below.

Any repairs involving transmission components not identified in the table below will require a transmission replacement.

Serviceable Components 10L80 Transmission  MF6, 10L90 Transmission MGL
Oil Pan X
Oil Pan Gasket X
Output Seal X
Output Flange X
Output Flange Nut X
Oil Cooler Line Seals X


Recommendations / Instructions

Please complete the questionnaire below before calling the PQC.

Caller’s First & Last Name/Position:

Technician’s Name/Direct Phone:

Parts Manager’s Name:

Parts Manager’s Phone and Fax Number:

Dealership’s Correct Address Customer’s Concern:

Has the vehicle been modified with non-production accessories?

Is the vehicle for personal or commercial use?

If commercial, what type of use?

Describe the failure of the unit:

Why is replacement of the requested component needed?

Broadcast Code:

Serial Number:

Does the vehicle have any DTCs in any module (ECM/TCM/BCM, etc.)?

(Note:  Do Not clear any DTCs prior to reviewing with engineering).

Note: [GDS must be launched from TIS to make sure all the data is captured and can be retrieved.]

Are there any transmission-related DTCs?

(Note:  Do Not clear any DTCs prior to reviewing with engineering).

Are there any shifting issues (late, early, missed, no shift)?

When does the issue occur (hot, cold, under accel/decel)?

Is there any unwanted vibration?

Any other transmission performance issues?

Any leaks?

What type of leak?

Where is the leak located?

Any noise?

What kind of noise?

Where is it?

What is the frequency of noise?

When does is occur?

How long does it last?

Fluid level?

Was fluid contaminated?

Note: After installation of the transmission the solenoid valves must be characterized. Failure to perform this procedure may result in customer shift concerns. Refer to Solenoid Valve Characterization Reprogramming for directions.


Parts Information

Description Part Number Quantity
Transmission Assembly 24268796 1
Transmission Assembly 24268878 1
Transmission Assembly 24269981 1
Transmission Assembly 24274313 1
Transmission Assembly 24290636 1
Transmission Assembly 24287547 1
Transmission Assembly 24287546 1
Transmission Assembly 24290637 1
Transmission Assembly 24290638 1
Transmission Assembly 24282946 1


Warranty Information

Labor Operation Description Labor Time
8464670 Transmission Replacement Use Published Labor Operation Time


Version History

Version 7
Modified 05/04/2017- Updated to Change from Part Restriction to Part Exchange Program.

6/30/2017 – Update to add model year and additional part number.

8/31/2017 – Updated to add models, transmission and part numbers.

10/16/2017 – Update to add the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe RST model.

04/10/2018 – Update to add notes to not clear any DTCs.

07/18/2018 – Update to add models, model years and to change back to a Part Restriction.

08/20/2018 – Update to add Silverado and Sierra models and part number 24282946.

Bulletin No.: PIP5477G
Published date: 08/21/2018



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Bulletin No.: PIP5477E
Published date: 04/27/2018



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Bulletin No.: PIP5477D
Published date: 10/16/2017



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Bulletin No.: PIP5477B
Published date: N/A



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Bulletin No.: PIP5477
Published date: 02/20/2017



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