Folding Top Service Tips to Prevent A Broken Rear Glass Assembly – 2016-2019 Chevrolet Camaro

Bulletin No.: PIC6336
Published date: 07/18/2018

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PIC6336 Folding Top Service Tips to Prevent A Broken Rear Glass Assembly


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Additional Options (RPO) CM8 – Power Folding Top
Condition Some technicians may comment that the back glass, which is an integral part of the folding top canvas, had broken after cycling the folding top assembly.  This will be noticed very soon after a folding top canvas or a side rail has been replaced for service.

Broken Rear Glass

Broken Rear Glass

Cause The cause of this concern may be due to improper reassembly of the folding top linkage where it connects to the back glass.



If this concern is encountered, dealership technicians are to first inspect the linkage that connects the folding top frame to the back glass that is attached to the folding top canvas.

The most common issue seen is mistakenly putting the top linkage on the inboard side of the back glass attachment point.

This creates additional stress on the back glass.

In this condition, when the top is operated several times, the back glass may unexpectedly crack or shatter.

This will usually not occur during the first top cycle attempt after service.  Usually, this happens after the folding top is cycled several times.

See photo below of a correctly assembled folding top linkage at the rear glass attachment point.

folding top linkage

The folding top linkage that attaches to the rear glass MUST be located on the outboard side of the back glass bracket.

The pin that holds it together is inserted from the inboard side of the linkage.

It first goes through the back glass bracket, after that it goes through the top frame linkage.

A gray plastic washer MAY be found in this assembly.  Servicing technicians are to note if this is present during disassembly.

Finally, the spring clip is installed on the outboard side of the top frame linkage.

If it has been determined that this linkage has been correctly reassembled, dealership technicians are to reinspect the cord / strap routing of the entire canvas top.

Under no circumstances will a cord, strap, or eyelet need to be cut, nor will ANY rivets need to be drilled out when replacing the folding top cover on these vehicles.

If this has been done during the removal of the canvas, carefully check over this area, as it is highly likely that the cord or strap in question has not been routed correctly during reassembly of the top.

It may be easiest to obtain a similar Camaro convertible at the dealership and compare the cord routing to a known good vehicle.


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Bulletin No.: PIC6336
Published date: 07/18/2018

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