17388: Service Update – Water Leak At Right Hand Pressure Relief Valve – 2018 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra

#17388: Service Update – Water Leak At Right Hand Pressure Relief Valve – (Oct 13, 2017)

Subject: 17388 — Water Leak At Right Hand Pressure Relief Valve
Models: 2018 Chevrolet Silverado
2018 GMC Sierra

Reference Number: N172116470 Release Date: October 2017
Attention: This service update includes vehicles in dealer inventory and customer vehicles that return to the dealership for any reason. This bulletin will expire at the end of the involved vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty period.
Make Model Model Year RPO Description
From To
Chevrolet Silverado 2018 2018
GMC Sierra

Involved vehicles are marked “open” on the Investigate Vehicle History screen in GM Global Warranty Management system. This site should always be checked to confirm vehicle involvement prior to beginning any required inspections and/or repairs.

Condition The right (passenger) side body pressure relief valve (PRV) cut-out on some trucks may be bent, preventing the PRV from being flush with the cab and creating a watertight seal.
Correction If a leak exists, remove the PRV, straighten the cab metal, install a new PRV and reseal.


Parts Information

Quantity Part Name Part No.
1 Valve Asm – Body Press RLF 13596856
1 Clear Seam Sealer (Kent Automotive)* P10200

* Contact Kent Automotive at 1-888-937-5368 or www.kent-automotive.com in the US. In Canada, contact Kent Automotive at 1-800-563-1717 or www.kent-automotive.ca. Do not order from GMCCA.


Warranty Information

Labor Operation Description Labor Time Trans. Type Net Item
9103462 Water Test and Inspect for Water Leaks-No Further Action Required 0.9 ZFAT N/A
9103463 Replace Pressure Relief Valve (Includes Water Test, Inspection and Sealer) 3.3 ZFAT *

* Expense for actual amount of Clear Seam Sealer (see parts section) needed to perform the required repairs may be submitted in Net/Miscellaneous, not to exceed $8.00 USD ($11.00 CAD).


Service Procedure

body rear panel insulator

  1. Partially remove the passenger side of the body rear panel insulator to gain access to the pressure relief valve as shown. Refer to Body Rear Panel Insulator in SI.

pressure relief valve location

  1. Perform a water test at the passenger side rear cab (at the pressure relief valve location) by using a hose and applying water in between the body and the pickup bed directly above the pressure relief valve for 5 minutes.

pressure relief valve location

  1. Inspect the pressure relief valve and the surrounding area for any water leaks.
    • If there are no water leaks, no further action required.
    • If there are any water leaks, continue to step 4.
  2. Remove the body pressure relief valve. Refer to Body Pressure Relief Valve Replacement in SI.

straighten the edge

  1. If the sheet metal is bent or distorted, straighten the edge by placing a shop towel around the opening to prevent damage and using lineman or duck-bill pliers or equivalent to straighten the edge.

apply Kent-Automotive seam sealer

apply Kent-Automotive seam sealer

  1. From the exterior of the vehicle, apply Kent-Automotive seam sealer around the pressure relief valve opening sealing surface as shown and install the new pressure relief valve and let dry.
  2. Perform a water test at the passenger side rear cab (at the pressure relief valve location). Verify there are no water leaks inside the vehicle.
  3. Install the passenger side of the body rear panel insulator. Refer to Body Rear Panel Insulator in SI.
  4. Install the pickup box. Refer to Pickup Box Replacement in SI.


Dealer Responsibility

Whenever a vehicle subject to this service update enters your vehicle inventory, or is in your facility for service in the future, and the vehicle is still covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, you must take the steps necessary to be sure the service update correction has been made before selling or releasing the vehicle.

All new, used, GM Certified Used, courtesy transportation vehicles, dealer shuttle vehicles, etc. in dealers’ possession and subject to this bulletin must be held and inspected/repaired per the service procedure of this bulletin before customers take possession of these vehicles. Involved vehicles must be held and not delivered to customers, dealer-traded, released to auction, used for demonstration, or any other purpose.

All GM Certified Used vehicles currently in the dealers’ inventory within the Certified Pre-Owned Inventory System (CPOIS) will be de-certified and must be held and remedied per the service procedure in this bulletin. Upon submitting an accepted/paid warranty transaction in the Global Warranty Management (GWM) system, the vehicle can be re-certified for sale within the CPOIS system, or once again be used in the CTP program.


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