15-00-89-005A: Warranty Administration – Essential Tools that Include Consumable Parts (U.S. Only) – 2018 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks

#15-00-89-005A: Warranty Administration – Essential Tools that Include Consumable Parts (U.S. Only) – (Oct 25, 2017)

Subject: Warranty Administration – Essential Tools that Include Consumable Parts (U.S. Only)
Models: 2018 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks

This Bulletin has been revised to add the 2017-2018 Model Years, add 1234YF Tracer Dye and remove the J-44341 Pag Oil and Brake Align Correction Plates information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 15-00-89-005.

Per GM Service Policies and Procedures, Article 3.1.1, Service Agents are to purchase, at a minimum, all essential special service tools required to service all models currently covered by the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Certain special service tool kits contain consumable repair parts that are intended to be permanently installed on vehicles.

In the event that one or more of these consumable repair parts are utilized during a vehicle repair, the following table will guide you on the amount to submit as part of the repair transaction. These consumable parts fall outside of the definition of shop supplies and are to be submitted as a Net Miscellaneous item on the repair transaction.


Note: Only parts listed below that were purchased inside the Bosch Automotive Service Solutions distribution network may be charged as explained in this bulletin.


Transaction Requirements

Job Card – Document the quantity and the Bosch Automotive Service Solutions part number(s) (Special Tool number) used for the each repair line on the job card.

Net/Miscellaneous – Using the chart below, calculate the total cost of consumed part(s) used for the repair. Submit the total cost plus normal mark-up percentage allowance in the Net/Miscellaneous field. When entering an amount in Net/Miscellaneous, an additional free-flow text field will appear requiring you to submit information to describe the expense. List the tool number used. If more than one part of a consumable tool was used for a single repair, list the tool number related to the largest expense charged.


Consumable GM Tool Pricing Chart

Components Description Pack Price Cost per Piece*
Price per terminal $2.50
J-41425-312 5/16″ ALUM CONNECTOR (5 PK) $57.01 $11.40
J-41425-375 3/8″ ALUM CONNECTOR (5 PK) $51.00 $10.20
J-41425-500 1/2″ LOKRING (5 PK) $63.01 $12.60
J-41425-625 5/8″ LOKRING (5 PK) $93.02 $18.60
J-41425-750 3/4″ ALUM CONNECTOR (5 PK) $109.02 $21.80
J-41425-3 SEALING COMPOUND (15 ML BOTTLE) $17.01 $8.50 per use
J-41425-23 CLEANING PAD $2.50 $2.50
J-42385-104 INSERTS (22.0 MM LONG) (4 pk) $8.25 $2.06
J-42385-108 INSERT, M11 X 2.0 X 30, (10 PK) $25.00 $2.50
J-42385-109 LOCTITE, 277 – 10 ML BOTTLE $17.50 $8.75 per use
J-42385-205 INSERTS 12.0 MM LONG (4 Pk) $5.50 $1.37
J-42385-210 INSERTS (16.2 MM LONG) (10 PK) $9.00 $0.90
J-42385-215 INSERTS, M10 X 1.5 X 20 (10 PK) $10.00 $1.00
J-42385-216 INSERTS 10 X 1.5 X 17 MM (2 PK) $2.75 $1.38
J-44551-10 SCREEN, 5/8″ (A) (PKG. OF 3) $19.00 $6.33
J-44551-110 SCREEN, .531″ (PKG. OF 3) $13.50 $4.50
J-44551-120 SCREEN, .538″ (PKG. OF 3) $13.50 $4.50
J-44551-130 SCREEN, .561″ (PKG. OF 3) $14.01 $4.67
J-44551-140 SCREEN, .579″ (PKG. OF 3) $10.00 $3.33
J-44551-150 SCREEN, .600″ (PKG. OF 3) $10.00 $3.33
J-44551-160 SCREEN, .618″ (PKG. OF 3) $10.00 $3.33
J-44551-170 SCREEN, .649″ (PKG. OF 3) $14.50 $4.83
J-44551-20 SCREENS .552 OD (3 PK) $15.00 $5.00
J-44551-30 SCREEN, 3/4″ (C) (PKG. OF 3) $15.00 $5.00
J-44551-40 SCREEN, .395″ (PKG. OF 3) $10.00 $3.33
J-44551-60 SCREEN, .471″ (3 PK) $14.01 $4.67
J-44551-70 SCREEN, .492″ (3 PK) $10.00 $3.33
J-44551-80 SCREEN, .500″ (3 PK) $12.00 $4.00
J-44551-90 SCREEN, .521″ (PKG. OF 3) $15.00 $5.00
J-28431-6 Engine and Trans Oil Dye
(6-1 oz Bottles) $34.00 $5.67 per bottle
J-41447-1 R-134A & R-1234YF TRACER DYE
(24 PK 1/4 OZ) $86.02 $3.58

*The price listed in BOLD is per piece (or as otherwise listed) and should be used to calculate the amount charged on the warranty transaction in Net/Miscellaneous. Enter the entire tool number in the Net/Misc description field. Example: Two J-42385-215 inserts are used during a warranty repair. The amount charged to Net/Misc would be $2.00 plus normal warranty mark-up. Enter J-42385-215 in the description field for Net/Misc.


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