16-NA-178: Service Side Detection System Message in DIC, DTC U0232, U0233 May Be Set – 2013-2014 Buick Chevrolet GMC

#16-NA-178: Service Side Detection System Message in DIC, DTC U0232, U0233 May Be Set – (Jun 2, 2016)

Subject: Service Side Detection System Message in DIC, DTC U0232, U0233 May Be Set
Attention: This Bulletin also applies to Export vehicles sold in the Middle East (RPO MAM), South America (RPO CLS) and China (RPO CZ2) equipped with Side Active Safety Obstacle Detection (RPO UFT).

Brand: Model: Model Year: VIN: Engine: Transmission:
from to from to
Buick Enclave 2013 2014 All All
Chevrolet Traverse 2013 2014 All All
GMC Acadia 2013 2014 All All


Condition Some customers may comment that a Service Side Detection System message is displayed in the Driver Information Center (DIC) or DTC U0232, U0233 may be set.
Cause This condition may occur with water intrusion into the Side Blind Zone Module harness connector, and may cause corrosion of the terminals or water seepage into the module.



If the vehicle displays the subject message or codes, the module and harness connectors should be inspected for corrosion and replaced if needed (the replacement harness will have a cover over the connector body to protect the connection), and dielectric grease applied accordingly to prevent any concerns in the future.


Service Procedure:

harness (1) and module (2) connectors

  1. Inspect the harness (1) and module (2) connectors for corrosion. If no issues are found, refer to Side Blind Spot Alert System Malfunction in SI.
  2. If either harness or module connectors show signs of corrosion, replace the harness and both modules. Refer to Side Object Sensing Alert Module Replacement in SI.

GM Dielectric Lubricant

Note: Only GM Dielectric Lubricant must be used for this procedure. No substitutions are allowed.

  1. Lubricate the harness and module connectors with dielectric lubricant to ensure corrosion-free connections.


Parts Information

Side Blind Zone Harness (Traverse) 84004712
Side Blind Zone Harness (Enclave) 84004713
Side Blind Zone Harness (Acadia) 84004718
Module, Side Object Sensing Alert 22960672
Lubricant, Dielectric (U.S.) 12377900
Lubricant, Dielectric (Canada) 10953529


Warranty Information

Labor Operation Description Labor Time
6480258* Inspect and Replace Rear Sensing Harness and Modules 1.7 hrs
*This is a unique Labor Operation for Bulletin use only.


Version 1

Date: June, 2016



Download (PDF, 344KB)


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