Windshield Wipers May Become Erratic and/or Inoperative – 2016 Buick Envision

Bulletin No.: 16-NA-268
Date: August, 2016

Subject: Windshield Wipers May Become Erratic and/or Inoperative

Brand: Model: Model Year: Breakpoint: Engine: Transmission:
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Buick Envision 2016 2016 SOP April 19, 2016


Involved Region or Country North America and China
Condition Some customers may comment that the windshield wipers may become erratic and/or inoperative.
Cause This condition may be due to the windshield wiper transmission linkage becoming separated.



upper plenum cutout

Replace the wiper motor, transmission/linkage and modify the upper plenum cutout, which is located just inboard of the steering column assembly as shown above, following the procedure listed below:


Service Procedure

  1. Remove the windshield wiper motor. Refer to Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement in SI.

upper plenum cutout

upper plenum cutout

  1. Cut one strip from the deadener 60 mm X 40 mm (2.36 in X 1.57 in) and apply to the underside of the plenum, located just above the steering column area, as shown in the illustrations above, so that it wraps over and folds on itself.

Note: The plenum cutout should now be flush with the gutter so that water will run down away from the wiper motor.

upper plenum cutout

  1. Cut another strip from the deadener 50 mm X 15 mm (1.96 in X 0.59 in) and apply on the upper side of the cutout to protect the exposed adhesive surface.
  2. Reinstall the windshield wiper motor.


Parts Information

Description Material Allowance Part Number Qty
MOTOR ASM-WSW 23445035 1
DEADENER-FRT S/D (150MM X 150MM X 2MM)* $4.35 USD (per vehicle)

$5.70 Canada (per vehicle)

25777560 1
*There is enough material to do approximately 1 vehicle. Store the remaining material for future use.


Warranty Information

For vehicles repaired under the Bumper-to-Bumper coverage (Canada Base Warranty coverage), use the following labor operation. Reference the Applicable Warranties section of Investigate Vehicle History (IVH) for coverage information.

Labor Operation Description Labor Time
1480728* Modifying the Upper Plenum Cutout Area 0.9 hr**
*This is a unique Labor Operation for Bulletin use only.
**This repair includes Wiper Motor and Transmission Assembly replacement.


Version 1

August, 2016

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