Power Folding Top Diagnostic Tips – 2011-2015 Chevrolet Camaro

#PIC5610G: Power Folding Top Diagnostic Tips – (Sep 14, 2016)

Subject: Power Folding Top Diagnostic Tips
Models: 2011 – 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
Convertible Models Only

This PI was superseded to update Models and Recommendation/Instructions. Please discard PIC5610F.

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.



In an effort to aid in creating a quick diagnostic approach to customer concerns regarding the convertible folding top, the following PIs have been compiled here. They are listed in numerical order by type.



Important: This PI in no way eliminates the need to perform regular SI searches for newly released or revised documents specific to the customer concern. It is written as a quick reference only. Reference the latest version of each of the following to aide in diagnostics / repair:

#12052: Customer Satisfaction – Convertible Top Enhancements

#13113: Service Update for Inventory and Customer Vehicles – Convertible Top Cosmetic Blemish – Expires with Base Warranty

#PI0351: Folding Top Tonneau Cover – Installation of Body Side Lower Trim Panel Spacer During Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

#PI0378: Information on Convertible Top Operation Below 0° C (32° F) in Snow, Rain or After Wet Conditions – Ice Formation in Water Management Bag

#PI0379: Information on Location of Convertible Specific Manual Trunk Release

#PI0397: Water Leak in Rear Compartment/TrunkConvertible Top Water Management Bag Repair

#PI0406: General Guidelines for Inspection of Convertible Water Management Bag Anytime Folding Top is Removed

#PI0424: Rattle, Creak or Popping Noise in Rear Floor Area

#PI0449: Rattle from Rear Compartment Area when Driving with Convertible Top in Closed (Up) Position

#PI0509: Convertible Top Will Not Open/Retract, Clear Top Storage Area Message Displayed in Driver Information Center (DIC)

#PI0520: Top Not Secure Message Displayed in Driver Information Center (DIC)

#PI0525: Folding Top Striker Assembly Plastic Insert Loose/Missing

#PI0625: Hydraulic Pump Leaking Fluid in Area of Rear Seat, Floor or Trunk, Convertible Top Inoperative or Noise

#PI0756: Retrofit Procedure for New Corded Folding Top Cover Installation to Original Design Frame

#PI0997: Convertible Top Difficult to Latch Closed

#PIC5449: Convertible Roof Cloth Sags At Rear / Large Gap Between Number 5 Bow And Rear Panel

#PIC5458: Water Leak In Rear Floor Area

#PIC5527: Headliner Trim Cloth Pulls Loose From Rear Window Retainer

#PIC5553: Creak Or Squeak Noise From Rear Of Folding Top

#PIC5605: Folding Top Pulls Loose From Rear Side Rail

#PIC5608: Oil Canning Or Pop Noise In Rear Seat Area

#PIC5609: Side Tension Cable Visible When Top Is In Stowage Compartment

#PIC5724: Side Tension Cables Are Visible After Folding Top Replacement

#PIC5890: Folding Top Inoperative DTC B3680 Symptom 01

#PIC5907: Water Leak Into Rear Floor

#PIC6069: Normal Characteristic – Folding Top Side Rails May Not Stow Completely When Lowering Top

16-NA-293: Folding Top Leans To One Side During Top Cycle

16-NA-294: Wave Appearance In Folding Top Cloth Between Number 1 And 2 Bow

16-NA-297: Diagnostic Tip – Convertible Roof Rivet Replacement

Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.




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